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The Inspection Process

A comprehensive on-site inspection is conducted with thorough documentation of all areas of concern in a professionally written report with digital photography of all concerns. The report will include all relative references to manufacturer’s and industry standards and the assignment of responsibility to the appropriate party/parties.

This type of inspection is used when attempts to resolve the issue among the parties involved is unsuccessful and there is the possibility of litigation.

Carpet Inspection

Residential- $400         Commercial- $550


Wood or Bamboo

Residential- $550           Commercial- $700



Residential- $450            Commercial- $600


Luxory Vinyl Tile & Plank

Residential- $450             Commercial- $600


  • Mileage from Grand Rapids, MI.                    $1 (Per Mile)

  • ASTM Testing Protocols                                  Cost + 25% + shipping


  • Case Review, Report Review, Depositions            $250 (Per Hour)

  • ASTM Testing ProtocolS                                 Cost + 25% + shipping

Let's Work Together

Great Lakes Flooring Inspections provides commercial inspections throughout North America. Inspection fees are $1,200 per day and do not include other applicable expenses such as airfare, hotel, parking fees, tolls, etc., call for a quotation of charges for national inspection services.

**Prices are based on inspection of up to 2,500 square feet of flooring. Add $150 for every 2,500 square feet thereafter.

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